International School on AstroParticle Physics


ISAPP Scientific Committee and Organizing Committee have taken decision to cancel Moscow School due to small number of participants.

European Doctorate School

Particles and Cosmology.Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics.

The International School on AstroParticle Physics (ISAPP) is organized by the Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INR RAS) from June 1 to June 10, 2009. The School will take place in the "Ershovo" rest home which is located in 60 km from Moscow near old town Zvenigorod. Surprisingly pure air, nature dream places, monuments of history, architecture make Zvenigorod one of favorite country place of Muscovites. In three kilometers from Zvenigorod, in the former manor of count V.A.Olsuf'eva, in the silence of ancient park with a system of connected ponds "Ershovo" rest home is located.

1 - 10 june 2009, Ershovo, Moscow region



address: 143055, Ershovo, Moscow oblast, Odintsovskiy district, Russia. Map

Scientific Advisory Committee: G. Bellini (Milano), L. Bergstrom (Stockholm), J. Blumer (Karlsruhe), S. Bonometto (Milano Bicocca), A. Bottino (Torino), E. Coccia (LNGS), K. Eitel (Karlsruhe), G. Fiorentini (Ferrara), G.L. Fogli (Bari), S. Hannestad (Aarhus), M. Kachelriess (Trondheim), M. Lindner (MPI Heidelberg), G. Manuzio (Genova), A. Masiero (Padova), G. Miele (Napoli), C. Munoz (Madrid), Y. Nir (Rehovot), L. Oberauer (TU Munich), L. Perasso (Milano), P. Picozza (Roma Tor Vergata), G. Raffelt (MPI Munich), S. Schonert (MPI Heidelberg), M. Skorokhvatov (Kurchatov), T. Suomijarvi (Orsay), J.W.F. Valle (Valencia), D. Vignaud (Paris), L. Volkova (Moscow), C. Wetterich (Heidelberg), E. Zas (Santiago de Compostela).

Local Organizing Committee: N. Agafonova, V. Duk, V. Gavrin, P. Klimai, S. Mikheyev, O. Suvorova, L. Volkova

Registration Fee:
The fee is 650 Euros to be paid cash at the registration desk. The registration fee covers transportation by bus from airport to the residence and back, accommodation in a double room (arrival 1 June 2009 - departure 10 June 2009), breakfasts, coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, social dinner, and an excursion. The conference fee may be paid in Euro, dollars or rubles, according to exchange rates. We do not accept credit cards or travelers checks.

All visitors to Russian Federation need to have a valid passport. When applying for a visa a letter of invitation to the International School on AstroParticle Physics is needed. Registered participants have to send to in the organizing committee the copy of passport page(s) with photo and date of expire in jpg format by e-mail.

Participants are expected to arrive to Moscow on June 1, 2009 and to depart on June 10, 2009. Participants will be picked up by the organizers at the Moscow International Scheremetievo or Domodedovo Airports and brought to the conference site as well as transportation of participants will be organized on departure.

Please, bring money for local expenses in rubles with you. Money exchange (US dollars and Euro) is possible in various banks in Moscow and Zvenigorod. You can exchange your money at the airport. Unfortunately exchange rate is unstable now. On end of February 1 USD is equal to approximately 33 rubles, 1 Euro ~ 44 rubles. Though currencies other than US dollars and Euro can be exchanged in some banks, the rates are unfavorable. There is no currency exchange at the hotel "Ershovo" neither the hotel facilities accept credit cards and/or traveler checks.

Usually the weather in the beginning of June is warm (+15 to +25 C) and sunny, but some cool (+10) and rainy days are still possible. It may be windy. You can find weather forecast for Zvenigorod at the Gismeteo website .