Symposium «30th anniversary of SN 1987A»

SN 1987A

On February, 23, 1987 the astronomers detected the supernova burst in the next to our galaxy Large Magellanic Cloud on the distance of 50 kps, SN1987A. The events correlated to this burst were detected by 4 neutrino detectors: LSD (USSR-Italy), BUST (USSR), KII (Japan), IMB (USA). During 30 years astronomers and astrophysicists were observing the SN1987A remnant: Its light characteristics were studied, the limitation on the existence of point X-ray source were set.

The investigation of all the features of the supernova lead to more questions than answers: which scenario does collapse of stars with mass greater than 8 solar one develop? One should note that the stellar collapses are very rare events. During the last 1000 years there were written reports about only 5 Supernovae in our Galaxy

The international symposium 30-th Anniversary of SN 1987A is dedicated to both experimental and theoretical aspects of SN1987A investigation: The discussion of the results of neutrino experiments for the search the neutrino radiation from supernovae; the supernovae investigation from the astronomical observation; the results of development of the different theoretical models of the last stage of the stellar evolution.

We would like to invite you to participate in the Symposium 30th anniversary of SN 1987A, which will take place in Moscow, Russia, Institute for Nuclear Research of RAS, Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS, from 2 - 3 of March, 2017.

To take part in the symposium it is necessary to send e-mail to

Address: 119991 -1 Moscow, Leninskiy prospekt,53, Lebedev Physisc Institute

Passage: From metro statione "Leninskiy prospekt" - along Leninskiy prospekt from center by trolleybus M1, M4 to stop "Univermag Moskva" (about 10 min.)


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